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Mintie White Elementary School

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

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    Livestream Link for Promotion Click Here

    5th Grade Promotion

    Ms. Harris  

    Thursday, June 3,  9:00   a.m.       You must RSVP to attend in person. 

    Here is the link for Ms. Harris Class.


    Mr. Gonzalez and Ms. Mitani

    Thursday, June 3, 11:30.            You must RSVP to attend in person. 

    Here is the link for Mr Gonzalez and Ms Mitani's Class

    Enter by the back of the cafeteria near the back of the kitchen. 

    Please keep balloons at home or in the car. Thank you!


    100% Attendance 5th Grade
    100% Attendance 5th Grade
    Citizens of the Year 5th Grade
    Pizza for a Purpose


    2-Ingredient Dough Pizza Recipe by Tasty

    Each week we will spin the Wheel of Names for a focus for the week. Those who meet that criteria will be entered into a drawing. The winner will have pizza delivered to them the following Friday. Each week starts a new challenge. This week the focus is "Logging In On Time" 

    Winners: Jose Toledo, Christopher Prado

    This week's focus: 100% Attendance

    Winners: Jose Gael Gordillo, Anai Rangel

    This week's focus: Using technology respectfully

    Winners: Alexsia Gonzalez, Kianna Ruiz

    This week's focus: Memorizing Math Facts

    Winners: Marco Puga, Jesus Ruiz

    This week's focus: Cameras On.

    Winners: Jayden Renteria, Ana Paniagua

    This week's focus: Asking and Answering Questions.

    Giovanni Barajas, Alvi Torres

    This week's focus:Having materials ready and ready to learn

    Winners: K: Kenia Montes, 1: Evelyn Moreno, 2: Karla Tapia, 3: Brittany Solache, 4: Samantha Alvarado, 5: Noel Romero, Vapa: Kevin Chavez.

    This week's focus: 100% Attendance.

    Winners are: Jocelyn Gutierrez, Edgar Fernandez, Alexis Gutierrez, Jorge Garcia, Pricila Alvarado, Alexa Palacios, Yareli Diaz.

    This week's focus: Dropping in to office hours for help. 

    Winners: Lucia Cocotle, Ivan Nunez, Giovani Ortiz, Evelyn Robledo, Alvi Torres, Isaac Saldana, Brittany Solache. 

    This week's focus: Ask Great Questions

    Winners: Mia Ramos, Sophia Ramirez, Karla Tapia, Aayilah Garcia, Giovanni Martinez, Esteben Torres, Maritza Fernandez. 

    This week's focus: Cameras on ALL the time. 

















    Parent Tech Support Line 831 786-2493!Still no Internet call here!

    Do you need help with something? Click the link below to fill in a form for us to help you. 

    Necesitas ayuda con algo? Haga clic en el enlace a continuación para completar un formulario para que podamos ayudarlo.

    Coronavirus Video 

    Watch this great informational video on the Coronavirus.

    All Schools Up, Tailgates Down!

    School Up, Tailgates Down!

    Congratulations to our first Daily Winners: 

    Ms. Sanchez Rm 1 K

    Ms. Chausse Rm 13 2nd

    Ms. Vazquez Rm 4 3rd

    Back Gate Passes

    If you would like your child to exit through the back gate on California Street you will need to come to the office and fill out a Back Gate Pass. This will allow your child to exit through the back gates at 2:30 p.m. Unfortunately we are not able to offer this service to the families of our Kinder and T/K students as these children need to be signed out. Also, due to supervision, those students in the Afterschool Program will not be eligible for the back gate passes as they must all exit out the front of the school. 


    Summer School 2021

    Session 1 6/14/21-7/9-21(Mostly Virtual)

    Includes Camp Connect, and STEAM KIts, Elevate math for 4th and 5th grade only, and family fitness challenges.

    Session 2 7/14/21 - 8/4/21 (In Person FULL DAY) 8:50-3:30

    Includes: SEL, Language Arts, Small Group SIPPS, Math, and lunch. Afternoons will focus on Hands On Learning.

    Registration is now closed.  Call the school office if you have further questions.

    Innovator of the Year Chandra Cholakian
    Innovator of the Year Amanda Chausse
    Innovator of the Year Roberta Tapiz
    Student of the Year: Ruby Valdez Perez
    Happy Staff Appreciation Week
    Newly Designed Parent Newsletter

    Please check out our newly designed Parent newsletter call Magical Moments at Mintie. Showcasing student work, information, and upcoming events. 

    Celbrating Black History Month. Student to STudent

    Happy New Year!

    School starts again January 12th. TK and K at 8:45 and Grades 1-5 at 9:00. Let's start the year of on time and ready to learn. We have missed you and look forward to hearing all about your vacation and where we are headed for the remainder of the year. It's going to be a great year. See you all online on Tuesday!

    Important Family Survey
    Halloween Video

    We had such a great time enjoying our Trunk N Treat on Friday. It was great to see some of our Great and Mighty Eagles safely having fun. Here is a video recap of this amazing event. Thank you to all the teachers who donated their time and candy for this event. 


    ELAC Meeting! Tuesday 10/13/20

    Please join us tonight, Tuesday, 10-13-20 at 6:00 for parent ELAC meeting. We will be discussing how to support your child during Distance Learning. The link is in your Child's Google Classroom stream. 

    ELAC meeting TONIGHT

    Don't forget the ELAC meeting tonight at 6:00 p.m. Go to the parent tab for the link if this one does not work. 

    Check out the video of who won for participating in our ELAC meeting last night. Winners please come by the school and pick up your prizes.


    School Site Council
    Back To School Night
    Materials Pick Up
    Happy First Week
    A word from Iggie
    Mintie White Virtual Tour
    Chromebooks Today for Tk, K and 1st
    Distribution Dates and TImes
    Last week of School!
    It's Sport's Day!

    Today is Sport's day. Check out this inspiring video from Mr. DC on  activities you can do today!

    Wednesday is Sport's Day!
    Monday Teacher Appreciation Week
    Cool Cat Comes to Town
    School Spirit Day is Wednesday


    Happy Earth Day and Admin Asst. Day Too!
    Happy Earth Day Week
    Happy Earth Day In Englsh
    Earth day Activity

    Here is a short tutorial to make a beautiful earth day project. All you need is a coffee filter, green & blue marker, spray bottle with water and creativity.

    Check out this link for my screencastify video. 

    Click here to watch the video!


    TGIF Iggie practicar en espanol.
    TGIF We finished another week of Distance Learning Wohoo!
    Iggie Learns Something New
    Iggie aprende algo nuevo
    It's a crazy sock storm!
    Iggie shares his crazy socks!
    Iggie reads with Ms. Hallof
    Happy Monday!
    A Hoppy Easter Message
    Iggie Has A Friend
    Iggie Learns Yoga!
    Iggie Loves You!

    School Closure through May 5. 

    Parents we need your help to make sure students continue their learning. Please make sure to reach out to your classroom teacher, check Class Dojo, answer calls, and make sure we have your current address and phone numbers, if you need help setting up an email please let us know. 

    It will truly take a village to keep our learning moving forward, but we can do it with your help.

    Here is how you can help.

    1. Make sure you have a daily routine for school

    2. Make sure to contact the School or District if you need tech support. 

    3. Monitor your child's work and ask them to show you what they did for classwork that day. 

    4. Make sure to pick up packets on Monday (accept 3/30), and check their online work daily.

    5. Check this website daily for important updates, and messages from Iggie to encourage your child. (See below). 

    TK -2 it is really important for you to establish a family routine and make sure they are receiving the support they need. 

    Click on the School Directory to send an email to your child's teacher.

    Woohoo TGIF We Did It!
    Let's Be Creative!
    We made it over the Hump!
    Happy Tuesday! Iggie Reads Non Fiction!
    Monday Morning Message from Iggie
    Iggie is Sooooo Excited
    A message from Iggie
    Iggie has a message for you all


    Out of an abundance of caution school will be closed March 16-20th. 

    While students are at home they can do Lexia, Footsteps2Brilliance, Khan Academy and any other links from our student tab.

    Here is another resource the Scholastic is offering for students to learn while they are at home. 

    Follow this link. 

    Check out some science while you are home at

    All School Up, Tailgates Down!
    What is a Tailgate Party?
    Reflection How Did KJ go for you?
    Final Day: Perseverence
    Day 9: Responsibility
    Day 8: Respect
    Day 7: Non -Violence
    DAY 6: Tolerance
    Day 5: Inclusion
    Day 4: Courage
    Nationwide Kindness Challenge: Check this out!

    Day 3: Empowerment
    Day 2:VISION

    Welcome back to the 2019-2020 School year. The Great and Mighty Eagles are excited to start down the Roadmap to Success. We are so excited about the data from last year and the growth me made as a soon. It was an awesome year and we look forward to continued and escalated growth this year. The first day of school is August 14 and the class lists will be posted in front of the school by 5:00 on Monday, August 12th. 

    On the first day of school students in grades 1st and 2nd will enter through the Zone 1 and Zone 2 gates. 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will enter through Zone 3 gates near the cafeteria. Only morning Kinders will enter through the front doors. 

    We have a new registration system so your patience is truly appreciated. For this reason only the Kinder parents will be coming into the front office for the first day. We will ask all students to enter through their Zone for dismissal. 

    We are ready to see where our adventure with students will take us this year. Teachers are ready, excited and committed to be here ALL IN, EVERYDAY!

    Welcome Kinder parents as well.!!!

    Ms. Hallof 

    Welcome Back! First Day Of School, August 14th!

    Ms. Robert's 2nd Grade Kindness Project. 
    Check it out! Great job great and mighty eagles. 

    MAP Winter Reading 2019
    MAP Winter Reading 2018
    MAP Winter Math 2019
    MAP Winter Math

    I am so excited to share our recent MAP Data (Measures of Academic Progress). In Reading, we exceeded our projected growth and are narrowing the achievement gap in grades 2-5.

    In Math we maintained our growth in all grades.It is super exciting to see their faces when they set a goal and reached it! We still have work to do in order to get students to grade level, but I am beyond excited about their growth on this assessment. Stay tuned for the classes with the highest percentile ranking. 

    When you are looking at the little diamond in graphs above, that tells you the projected growth for that grade level (meaning where the computer calculates what they should be able to reach). The blue area in the chart tells us the actual observed growth. So when the blue is above the diamond we are doing amazing things! Super proud of our teachers, students and families for making growth a priority. 

    I would personally like to thank all of my Great and Mighty Eagle Staff for their dedication, patience and hard work. We are soaring to new heights this year and I can't imagine doing this work without them. To those in the PVUSD district who have supported us, collaborated with us, trained us, and been there for us....we thank you! I am so grateful to work with a group of passionate people who care about kids and what is best for them. Thank you to all of our Great and Mighty Eagle families and students who are learning every day to soar to great places. May you each be filled with blessings, gratitude, and the love of family and friends during this thanksgiving holiday. 

    Ms. Hallof 

    Click here to view a wonderful video of our 4th graders and their experience with recorders, the Symphony, and the Link Up program. 

    Safety Policy

    PLEASE REMEMBER THERE IS NO SUPERVISION FOR STUDENTS UNTIL 7:30 A.M. Please make sure your child is not on campus until that time for their safety. 

    To ensure the safety of all students, staff and families it is necessary for every person who comes on campus to sign in at the front office. Office staff will ask what the purpose of your visit is and have you sign in to our visitor sign in sheet. You will then be given a visitor pass with the current date. We also ask that you please sign out when you leave campus as well. If you are bringing lunch for your child we will ask that you leave it at the front desk and we will call the student to come and get it before they go to lunch. 

    Afterschool students and parents have already established a safe and comfortable routine for bringing their children a snack before Afterschool Program begins. This is working very smoothly with this new system in place. We thank you for your understanding that our primary purpose is to maintain a safe and secure school environment for all students, staff, and visitors.

    Mintie White Honored for PBIS Work

    PBIS Coallition recognized Mintie White Elementary for outstanding work in PBIS during the 2019-2020 school year. Check out the badge in our picture above. Way to go Great and Mighty Eagles!

    Parent "How To" Links
    Important Information

    Thank you for being so patient with us as we create this new school year. Please check in with us 

    Welcome Ms. Madriz our New Afterschool Coordinator. 

    Video in English Click here 

    Video in Spanish Click Here 

    Cocotle Family Nest!

    Ms. Hallof would like to honor the Cocotle family for their amazing work at setting up a successful learning environment for their children. Thank you Florencia Garcia and Juventino Cocotle for being inspiring parents during a difficult time. Awesome job Dulce, Jesus and Lucia!

    Read Aloud with Ms. Hallof

    Need to feel more positive about what you are doing or what you have done? Here is a story called I Knew You Could Do It read by Ms. Hallof.

    Mr DC Soars!


    Check out Mr. DC making paper airplanes! 

    Click here


    School Picture Pick Up: Today 4/27/2020

    TK-2: 8:00 - 10:00 am or 3:00 - 5:00 

    3rd: 10:00 

    4th: 11:00 

    5th: 12:00

    First Grade Chromebooks

    First grade parents don't forget to come by and pick up your chromebooks on Thursday from 12 -2 in front of the school. 

    Homework Packet Pick Up

    TK-2nd Graders don't forget to pick up your packets from 8-10 or 3-5 on Monday, April 6th in the front of the school.

    3/23-3/27 Homework

    Just a reminder that all TK-2nd grade students should have picked up their homework packets by now. They are due next Monday.

    All students 3-5 should be doing their online assignments through Google Classroom. 

    If you are having a problem getting online please call 831 786-2493.  

    Please let us know how we can help. Email Ms. Hallof at 

    TK-K Students Packets:

    Students in TK-2nd can pick up their packets on Monday from 8-10 and 3-5 at the front of the school. Make sure to maintain six feet between you in line for the safety of everyone. 

    This is also where all students can drop off completed work as well. Please make sure your child's name and teacher is on the first page of the packet.

    We are getting chromebooks out to 2nd graders today when you pick up your packets.


    Chrome book distribution!

    If you were unable to come yesterday please come between 8-10 or 3-5 on Monday 3/23.

    Thursday March 19th

    3rd graders 8-10

    4th graders 10:15-12:00

    5th graders 12:15-2:00

    make up time 2:15-3:00

    parent and student must be present to collect a chrome book!

    please only come at the posted time to maintain social distancing.

    KION and Kindness & Justice

    Kindness Project in Room 10. Check it out!!!


    Mini Mermaids

    Welcome Parents!

    Greetings Great and Mighty Parents,

    Welcome back to a new and exciting school year. You will be receiving documentation in our new Wednesday Folder on the first day of school.

    The newsletter with important information and dates will be coming home shortly, just waiting for a bit of translation. In the meantime, I am attaching the link here to the Mintie White 2017-2018 Parent Newsletter in English. Spanish version coming soon.

    Click here for Mintie White 2017 2018 Parent Newsletter! Please be patient with us as we create new dismissal protocols to match our new decorative fencing. Look for the sign showing you where to pick up your child at the end of the day.

    Our year will be full of High Expectations which will prove to show High Results, and the TIME IS NOW!We look forward to working with you to create a successful year for you and your child.


    Vicki Hallof, Principal